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The TQ Assessment Tool (TQAT) sorts professionals into four distinct tech types. Discover your TQ profile today!  Log in and click on TQ Journey or click below to purchase the TQAT at a special rate of $59. [learndash_login]

Quick-Hit Videos

Watch fast, fun videos and practice each tip five times.  Receive the TQ Explorer Badge when you view ten videos.


Complete three Get Control! e-Learning modules and receive your Discover Badge.

Webinar Series

Register and attend four webinars in order to receive your Get Control! Work Smart Medal.

Tip of the Week!

Boost your TQ right now! Discover a powerful new way to answer an email that is packed with multiple questions. This tip includes a creative way to use AutoCorrect. If you like the tip, why not take our Get Control! of Email, Outlook, and Your SmartPhone Class?

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Why Take the TQAT?

Ever wondered why some people embrace technology while others run from it? The answer is that we all belong to different Tech Types.  The Tech Quotient Assessment Tool will provide you with insight into your own tech profile AND provide you with an Action Plan that will help you transform your digital skills!  Existing members can login and visit My TQ Journey to see if you already have access to the TQAT.  New guests can click More Info.

Mike Song ATD TQ Podcast

Mike Song explains the remarkable series of events that led him to discover, define, and develop the concept of TQ.  Along the way, Mike explains how his ATD connections led him to uncover a solution for the Digital Skills Gap.

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Praise from Global Leaders & Experts

This is dynamic, high-impact training that will change your life!

Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins

Best-Selling Author, Trainer, & Life Coach

It's time for the next big revolution to begin. So cue the lights and quiet on the set.  Here comes The Hamster Revolution for TQ!

Ken Blanchard
Ken Blanchard

Best-Selling Author and Leadership Consultant

"It takes courage to come to Microsoft and provide shortcuts, time management, and technology benefits on our own product! It is also difficult to present a technology topic via the web and be successful, keep the interest of the individuals, and provide useable content. Get Control! did it."


Chuck Metzger
Chuck Metzger

Sr. Programming Manager | Microsoft 365 Team

This training will help you reclaim your life and get more done!

betsy myers
Betsy Myers

Former Director, Harvard Leadership Program