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What’s Your Tech Type?

Measure Digital Skills via TQATTake TQAT and discover your Tech Type! It’s like DISC or MBTI but for tech proficiency.
Every Tech Type has a different relationship with their digital world. Received targeted
insight into how you can work better, smarter, and faster via the smart use of technology.

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Take the TQAT and Discover Your Tech Type!

Tech Expert TQThe Tech Quotient Assessment Tool (TQAT) is a 60-question assessment that sorts professionals into four distinct Tech Types. Like DISC or MBTI, each profile receives custom coaching.  We will help you understand your tech tendencies, and provide advice for boosting your digital dexterity, while also helping you work more productively with your colleagues.

Once you learn your tech type, you can begin to make better use of everyday technology like Outlook, Teams, Google Windows, and your browser.  If you’d like a more immersive and robust experience, we encourage you to evaluate the My TQ Journey option which includes more training and access to 15 powerful TQ classes that focus on key areas such as Virtual Meeting Impact, and Tech-Driven Time Management, and Digital Office Organization.